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01 January 2012 @ 10:55 pm
Closed for now~  
~ Blush of dawn ~ ♥: yoosu getmesomemikomi_tears on July 30th, 2007 07:37 pm (UTC)
YAY! New friends!!! *glomptacklehug*

Of course I read your posts. I usually go and "stalk" people before I friend them.. >_> XD...Yes, I'm FULL of crack..and mostly perverted too. I swear I was much more innocent before these boys. The things they have done to me...

Yes! Icons for you...just let me know what pictures..or WHO you want. I'll do somthing. <3 I was going to do some today, but I've been too busy cleaning house (UGH!)

Spamming is GOOD. Trust me..i'm like the queen of spam. LOL...the more the better. *grin*

YES! I owe many many many thanks and a whole lot more to ther person who decided to give TVXQ a cake on stage..all that frosting..and fighting...and LICKING!!! *drools* I just want to lick it off for them. I HAD to make this icon after I saw all this.. it's just so much ... a;skdjf;alksjdflk;sadfj ;lajskdfkl *dies* (I have such a thing for licking...*is SO bad*)

tabetakarimasen (no I can't spell...>_>)... I've learned so many weird things in Japanese. It takes no form whatsoever. I guess that's part of me trying to teach myself. Although, it was handy when I was in CA a few weeks ago. I was in a Japanese store and I had just bought the new ARASHI Cd and my best friend was asking me if she should buy it, and I answered her in Japanese and the lady behind the counter smiled and kind of looked at me funny, and then became UBER friendly and was like "OH, did you know we have the DELUXE edition, I could exchange this out for you if you want..." and she was so helpful for the rest of the shopping trip. LOL

Perverted delusions are my life...sad but true *snicker*

Hrmm...I've actually started to win my family over. My husband (yes, I'm married) can now actually tell the boys apart by their voices ...see...I'm such a bad influence. Plus, now he's falling in love with Ivy and BoA...LOL

OH... LONG Spams ARE LOVE!!! I dun think they'd kick you for spamming. =D

Yay! Friends! ♥
ree_of_ree on July 31st, 2007 05:13 pm (UTC)
First of all, THANKSSSSSSSS FOR THE DESKTOPS...NOT ONE BUT THREE ^_________^ I am in candy *supersexydongbanging* land. I was internet-deprived for a day, hence the delayed reply :)

My very own stalker/crack author/creative icon/wallie maker :).

Talking of spam , are you a member of iple ? I can't figure out the korean text but shiz_lestat helped me figure it out. In theory, we can spam Yoochunnie. ^_^. I wonder if we can send messages to the Toho station too ?

Smexing language off on ladies ?
We have this teacher from Japan for third year students ( we are first year)..Anyways, I asked him about Tohoshinki..he just looked blank..explained Korean band, blah blah..more blank looks..I dunno..how can he not have heard of them ? He just returned from Japan *_*. I even sprung this japanese band on him..the Gazette and he goes " Eh ? "........frustating.

Maybe it's a girl thing ? ^-^

Pwning the language on the lady ? :):):)

Way to go. I still can't tell them apart though
-__-|| Except when Yoochun and especially when Yunho raps : " ImaZZZINE all the onnerful thangs that can be ." LOL
Convert moreeeeee people : We need more LOVE

Make me an icon of the Minijunsu kissie pleaseeeee. Yeah, I am a demanding juvenile deliquent :)))

If I ever get around to writing , I will definitely dedicate the fic to you. But I suck big time *sigh* Can I steal your muse ?

I heart you.

~ Blush of dawn ~ ♥: Chun tonguemikomi_tears on August 1st, 2007 11:58 pm (UTC)
You are more than welcome! ♥ Hrmmm...You know, I actually don't have a still of the minijunsu kiss... I can't believe it. I have to remedy this immediately. ^^ *runs off to photobucket*...so, I'll make it soon enough. >_>

GAH...Didn't know Tohoshinki or Gazette? not even Gazette ♥??? Dang. Thats okay, I went to the same Japanese store again when I was in CA in September and the lady didn't know who KAT-TUN was (at least they were more knowledgeable this time around). I was like..UH... THEM *pointing to magazine I was buying* and she just looked at me. Maybe it was because I didn't know ANY Japanese then, and was WAY caucasian. But STILL... *sigh* I wish we had such stores in Florida. There's NOTHING here..NADA.. ZIP .. ZILCH. *cries*

Iple..I just heard about it for the first time the other day. You'll have to tell me all about it. YES, PREASE TO BE LETTING US SPAM CHUNNIE!!! (cuz he can read our English...well.. so can some of the others...we can write Su a note that says APPLE! *snicker*) I'm learning to read Korean, well, when I can sneak a few minutes at work. I've got down everything but the dipthongs, just a few more letters and I'll know them all. I can read things now, it just takes me a long time (not that I understand it once I've read it). Just the other day i was on clubbox and was like.. Hrmmm.. *reading.. LOook..no Log ..inu..* LOGIN!! LOGIN!! I read it. I'm pathetic I know. *hangs head*

Ohh...yay, writing! I have to write tonight.. really, I need to catch up. I havn't written anything substantial in weeks, people are going to stop reading my stuff. >_>.

Heart you back dahling!